Rails File Switcher plugin for Sublime Text 2

I've recently released a plugin for Sublime Text 2 called Rails File Switcher. It allows you to quickly switch between Models, Controllers and Views in your Rails application.

The plugin provides you with the following 3 commands:

The plugin does not create any key bindings automatically, it's up to you to add them. My personal preference is to bind them to super + 1|2|3, but you can do whatever you want.

Go to Preferences > Key Bindings - User and add:

{ "keys": ["super+1"], "command": "open_related_rails_model" },

{ "keys": ["super+2"], "command": "open_related_rails_controller" },

{ "keys": ["super+3"], "command": "open_related_rails_view" },

You can install the plugin through Package Control, just search for Rails File Switcher.

RailsFileSwitcher is in alpha, so if something is not working correctly, create in issue on Github.

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