Meteorite in Russia: all videos in one place

I happen to live 300kms away from Chelyabinsk, where a meteorite exploded earlier today. Here are all the videos I could find featuring the meteorite explosion.

The moment the schock wave reaches the ground:

Another video that captured the sound of the explosion:

Chelyabinsk central square:

Another video of the shock wave reaching the ground:

The meteorite flying above a highway:

Who needs the Sun when there are meteorites?

The meteorite flying right above the cameraman:

The meteorite was seen hundreds kilometers from Chelyabinsk, where it actually exploded. Here's the video from my home town, which is 300km away from Chelyabinsk:

The farthest video right now: Orenburg, 770km from Chelyabinsk:

This video is from Ekaterinburg, 200km away from Chelyabinsk:

Another video from Chelyabinsk:

200kms away from Chelyabinsk:

Some people just don't care:

The shock wave sound somewhere near Chelyabinsk:

The shock wave hitting people in the office:

Another office:

The shock wave catches the cameraman outside:

Outside of some school:

Scary video:

The explosion outside of a school:

This video shows how bright the meteorite was. It looks like the Sun:

Video of evacuation in a school:

Some kid in school is filming the contrail when the sonic boom gets him:

Photo of the meteorite from the space (by EUMETSAT):

The 6-meter wide crater at Lake Chebarkul.

A piece of the meteorite (photo by Denis Panteleev):

Some photos from Chelyabinsk:

My Dad has lived in Chelyabinsk for 24 years, he says this building is really old, so no surprises it got destroyed by the sonic boom.

I personally was sleeping and didn't witness the event, but my Dad did. He was driving in his car when he suddenly saw a meteorite approaching the Earth. It looked like the meteorite was going to hit the road right in front of him, so Dad immediately pushed the brakes. When the meteorite exploded and there was no sound of it, he understood that it was far, far away. Indeed, the meteorite was 300 kilometers away.

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